Long-Term Follow-Up Evaluation of Eating Smart • Being Active (ESBA)

Garry Auld, Professor & Susan Baker, Associate Professor, Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition, Colorado State University; Karen Barale, Associate Professor and State EFNEP Program Leader, Washington State University Extension

The RNECE-West will collect longitudinal data, including biometric data (BMI and blood pressure), from EFNEP and SNAP-Ed class participants at pre, post and 6 (or 12) months. The EFNEP Behavior Checklist (BCL) and biometric data will be compared to demonstrate program outcomes long-term.

These studies will be conducted initially in Colorado and Washington. Once protocols are established, six additional programs (at least one from each NIFA region) using ESBA will be recruited to provide a broader reach and generalizability to findings. The long-term follow-up evaluation will provide objective outcome data and assess how behaviors change after graduation, i.e., do they continue to improve, maintain or regress.


  • Start date – August 2015
  • Target completion date – August 2018