• RNECE-West presentations/posters
  • Poster Presentation – Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Food and Nutrition Conference & Expo 2017, Chicago, IL, October 21-24, 2017, Title, “Adaptation of Content Validity Index Methodology to Review a Resource Guide for Food Pantries.” Bush-Kaufman, A., Walsh, M., Aragón, M.A., Barale, K.
  • Session Presentation – Washington State Public Health Association Annual Conference 2017
    Wenatchee, WA, October 18, 2017, Title, “Assessing the Food Bank Environment as a Community Partnership Strategy.” Bush-Kaufman, A., Noskoff, A., Ayers, L., Nevan, S., Barale, K.
  • Poster Presentation – Society for Nutrition Education and Behavior Annual Conference 2017
    Washington, D.C. July 19-22, 2017, Title: “Initial Development of a Scored Food Pantry Environmental Assessment E-scan.” Barale, K., Bush-Kaufman, A., Walsh, M.