Signature Programs

RNECE-West Signature Research Program

Beyond the RFAs, the RNECE-West signature program will strengthen the evidence-base of existing nutrition education programs by testing strategies for assessing long term outcome evaluations, and testing strategies for assessing and implementing environmental change through public health approaches.  Relevant goals of the RNECE-West are provided below:

  • Develop and implement a signature research program to strengthen the evidence-base of effective nutrition education/obesity prevention programs for diverse population groups:
    • Conduct rigorous short- and long-term evaluation to assess program outcomes;
    • Focus evaluation efforts in the areas of diet quality, physical activity, and food resource management;
    • Target disadvantaged and underserved populations, especially Hispanics; and
    • Provide opportunities for new research. Identify and create research collaborations and synergistic relationships among researchers and EFNEP and SNAP-Ed program directors, universities and other implementers, and state and federal agencies.
  • Address the individual and environmental levels of the social-ecological framework through nutrition education and policy, systems and environmental change (PSE) by incorporating public health approaches.
  • Coordinate RNECE-West research and programs with ongoing work of existing EFNEP and SNAP-Ed committees, multi-state projects and other regional and national teams/committees.
  • Direct the collection and consolidation of data related to target audiences, learning/behavior change objectives, evaluation tools, and outcomes from RNECE-West’s Western Region SNAP-Ed implementing agencies.